Rio Coto, Omoa Honduras

Most people only think of Honduras as stepping stone to Roatan where you can find some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the world. But there is also another hidden treasure, Rio Coto, Omoa located about 20 kilometers from Puerto Cortes and about a 45 minute drive from San Pedro Sula.

This little hideaway has one of the best and cleanest beaches in Honduras. This little tropical paradise has some of the best fishing spots you can imagine where you can catch giant red snapper or humongous grouper just to name a couple.

Rio Coto has a 10 unit Motel with hot water and air conditioning and has a great little bar and restaurant all a few feet from the beautiful warm Caribbean sea. You can enjoy all your meals looking out into the water and then digest your food in one of the many tree hung hammocks throughout the property. The fresh sea air just puts you in this state of total relaxation.

Besides swimming in the sea, they also have a swimming pool that constantly is filled with fresh water supplied by miles of pipeline from the nearby mountains, truly amazing.

If you are a adventurous sort you can have a guide take you up on a hiking expedition into the mountains where you will pass thru the jungle as you make your way up to the mountain.

You will see a variety of animals and plant species that you do not see anywhere. It can be dangerous because there are snakes and possibly mountain cats that look like little tigers, but your guide is armed for your protection.

Nearby you can visit nearby farms where they grow a variety of fruits. The nearby orange groves grow oranges the size of grapefruits, where you can buy a huge sack full for a couple of dollars. You name it they grow it there, nothing like getting your fresh organic fruits and vegetables anytime you want.

I highly recommend this tiny little hideaway if you are ever in Honduras, the Proprietor Carlos is very friendly and speaks Spanish and English. The busiest time of the year and probably the time to avoid going is Easter week or as they call it “Semana Santa”. This week everybody is off of work and travels to Rio Coto to enjoy the beach and get out of the hot city.

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